Towson University Diving Coach Charged With Recording Team Members In Locker Room

News, Sports and Bets — November 24, 2015 at 2:29 am by

Jesus Christ, Towson. First, there was that pervert rabbi and TU professor Barry Freundel recording women taking baths at his synagogue. And now, we’ve got women’s swimming and diving coach Maureen Mead being accused of recording team members in the locker room. Can you please get your shit together? I’m tired of seeing my alma mater in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.¬†At this point, Lil Dicky’s is running a tighter fucking ship than you bozos. Justice better be served in this disgusting matter or I’m going to start blogging that I got asbestos from living in Residence Tower.

via WJZ
cover pic: Towson Tigers

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