Towson University Considering Ban On Tailgating

News — September 25, 2014 at 2:15 pm by

Tailgating and sporting events go hand and hand, this would be a complete travesty for Towson University. This Saturday will be the test, rules will be strictly enforced, and could potentially determine the fate of Towson tailgating.

One spokesperson says this, “Uncooperative and hostile, with students standing on the roofs of their cars, things of that nature.” Yep, a lot of people have a great time during a tailgate, and shutting it down could backfire greatly. This will surely cut down on students acting rowdy in a parking lot, but will most definitely have a direct effect on game attendance. You seek to remove tailgating, and you take away half the fun of gameday experience. It’s that simple. This will create havoc amongst students, and hate to break the news, but this will hardly stop the booze from flowing. 

“That’s how people get pumped for the game and get their school spirit on. That’s how they get excited for the game,” says one Towson student.



via WBAL

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