Towson Baseball Fires Back

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Msn If Towson University is dumping their baseball team, the team is going to dump them right back. The Tigers plan to decorate their pinstriped uniforms with strips of duct tape for every game this year, completely blacking out the Towson name stitched on the front of their jerseys. Despite the fact that the team is a month into its season, the Maryland school announced that they were cutting the baseball program (and the men’s soccer team), which university President Maravene Loeschke says will save the school $900,000 per year. That’s little consolation to the duct-taped Tigers who will take the field from now until mid-May. “We don’t support Towson,” catcher Zach Fisher said. “So we don’t want to wear something that says ‘Towson.”


As the new president of a university, cutting two popular sport programs doesn’t seem to be a smart move. More than half of these kids probably went to Towson for these programs, and now they are screwed. Blacking out Towson from their jerseys is a slight F U, even though the school should have expected a riot.




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