Torrey Smith To Be Released, Should The Ravens Bring Him Back?

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First of all, how about Steve Smith Sr. breaking news? Good stuff.

With the Ravens in desperate need of a wide receiver, would it make sense to bring back Torrey? Obviously familiarity with the quarterback and the franchise would be the biggest reason to bring back Torrey, who was unproductive in his time in San Francisco.

My thoughts on the Ravens receiving corps are that they focus too much on getting speed guys, and not enough on getting play makers. Obviously every team needs at least one speed guy, but the Ravens also need a guy who can go up and make a play on the ball for the quarterback. Someone with a big body, like Brandon Marshall, who I’m crossing my fingers that the Ravens sign. But Torrey, Jacoby Jones, Mike Wallace, Breshad Perriman, and Chris Moore are all recent receivers who can stretch the field, but for the most part have been one trick ponies, although the jury is still out on Perriman.

I’m okay with the Ravens bringing back Torrey on the cheap, but I’m not okay with it if that’s what they’re going to consider as the complimentary receiver to Mike Wallace they’ve been talking about all offseason. The Ravens need a clutch receiver who can make a play for Joe on a tough third down, much more than another guy who’s main purpose is to run past the defense.

I think what could be a very strong possibility however, is that the Ravens sign Torrey as a replacement to Wallace. Mike Wallace seems like the better receiver at this point in their careers, but Torrey would be cheaper, and the Ravens could create cap space by making these moves.

Whatever happens, I’d love to see Torrey come home, but fans also shouldn’t get too excited about the receiving corps unless another piece is added also.



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