Torrey, Jacoby, McPhee Are Gone, So Where Is The Panic Meter In Baltimore?

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The Ravens have lost some key pieces of their team already this offseason, and there’s a likely chance that they’ll lose more. Fan favorite Jacoby Jones was cut, and has since signed with the Chargers, Torrey Smith announced he will be leaving town, and Pernell McPhee has signed with the Bears. Justin Forsett and Owen Daniels have the potential to leave via free agency as well. There is also a strong possibility that Haloti Ngata will play elsewhere next season if he refuses to take a pay cut. These are some big name players leaving, and to date, the Ravens have brought in no one of any significance to replace them.



But where is the panic meter in Baltimore? I’ll tell you where it should be. At absolute zero. There should be no panic in this city about this team. Every deal that our departed free agents are signing with other teams are contracts that would have never worked in Baltimore. Maybe these players are more valuable to other teams than they are to the Ravens, or maybe other GMs are just not as good at business at Ozzie Newsome is. It’s probably a little bit of both. The fact that a part time player like Pernell McPhee is making $40 million dollars is absurd. Sure, he’ll get some sacks for the Bears, and on paper he makes their team better, but putting a large percentage of your money against the cap into a player who’s only in on passing downs will eventually hurt the franchise when the Bears have to let their own free agents walk. This is what bad organizations do. They pay too much for a top free agent (ie Dolphins with Ndamukong Suh), and can’t afford to keep the necessary pieces around them.

Do not panic about the receiving group. No doubt that as it is structured today it is terrible. But I guarantee you it will look different when the preseason rolls around. The Ravens will pick up a cap casualty from another franchise, and probably add a receiver or two in the draft. Andre Johnson was released from the Texans today, and he’d look awfully good in purple and black.

The bottom line is that these players are not valuable enough for the Ravens to pay them what other teams are willing to pay them, and the Ravens front office is smart enough to recognize that. That’s what makes this franchise so great. They subscribe to the theory that you build the team through the draft, and supplement it via free agency.

Plus, the Ravens should receive some nice compensatory picks in next year’s draft for losing these free agents. In Ozzie we trust.

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