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With just three episodes and 30 players left on the NFL Network’s Top 100 players of 2012, I thought I would try to predict the last 30 players. This, my friends, is the way I would rank them.  I love that the Ravens are finally getting the respect they deserve in the national media as far as having more players on this list.  But at the same time, it’s funny how panel analysts are saying that these same players are overrated and shouldn’t be on the list, ie Dennis Pitta, Jacoby Jones, and Bernard Pollard (I actually agree that Pollard shouldn’t be there). I feel like the only snub could be Vonte Leach, fullbacks don’t get a lot of love, but they should dammit!  Also Torrey Smith is right on the verge and I predict he will be on this list next year.

I came up with 33 players for the last 30 spots, so I’m curious to see how it shakes out. The three players I ended up omitting were Vince Wilfork, Randall Cobb, and Jamaal Charles.

30. Ed Reed-  I feel the old goat can still play, but I’m glad the Ravans cut bait when they did, as he will not be as much of an impact player in 2013, especially with his hip issue.

29. Mike Iupati- The O-line is another group that doesn’t get a lot of love on this list, but running behind this guy is like running behind an 18 wheeler.

28-RGIII- Got to respect the guy who turned the Redskins into a division winner, the guy is dynamic and fun to watch.

R.G. Knee

R.G. Knee

27. Andrew Luck- Same can be said for Luck who took a 2-14 team to the playoffs, he reminds me a lot of John Elway.

26. Maurkice Pouncy- As much as it burns me to put a Steeler on this list, he is the best center in football.

25. Marshawn Lynch-Beast mode gets it done year in and year out up their in the top left corner of the map, mark him down for 1300 yards and 10 Td’s.

24. Matt Ryan- Matty Ice is great in the regular season, just hasn’t grown his playoff legs yet. Just don’t try and tell me he is better then Flacco.

23. Arian Foster- Consistency is the name of the game for Foster; the guy scores and helps Houston control the clock the way they want. Have to respect the amount of carries he takes on.

22. Joe Flacco- I can’t wait for him to do it again this year and shut all these doubting mother fuckers up! Joe will plant himself in the top five QB discussion this year and stick there like a bad tenant who doesn’t pay you, and then you have to take him to court, and then you have to threaten to change the locks when he’s….sorry that’s my other job.

21. Andre Johnson- Although he’s on the wrong side of 30, Johnson still produces, despite the fact that the Texans have never had a legitimate number 2 wide-out opposite him.

20. Larry Fitzgerald- One of the best pure receivers ever to walk on an NFL field, this guy will return to greatness this year now that Arizona doesn’t have a J.V scout team quarterback throwing to him.

The Fitz

The Fitz

19. Marshal Yanda- He was successful in blocking his assignment on 99.4 percent of his snaps last year and allowed two QB pressures all season-not sacks, but pressures. He is the best guard in the game.

18. Jimmy Graham- Matchup nightmare for any defense, this guy is just scratching the surface of his ability. He’ll top 1000 yards and 10 Td’s this year.

17. Aldon Smith- Pass rusher extraordinaire, he will always be a candidate to top the single season sack mark.

16. Ray Rice- The top dual threat in football, nobody runs inside andyet is as dynamic as Ray in the passing game.  Look for him to be more of a factor on third down this year with the emergence of Bernard Pierce lightening his load on early downs.

15. Patrick Willis- Best all around linebacker in the game today, he is a force against the run and covers extremely well. In six seasons he has six pro bowls and six all-pros.

14. Brandon Marshall- He has always been as talented as anybody in the league, but now with the right situation he is producing at an elite level.  Just as long as he stays right upstairs.

13. Julio Jones- He could put up numbers comparable to Calvin Johnson if it weren’t for the fact that Atlanta has two other major contributors in the passing game. The guy can flat out take over a game.

12. Demarcus Ware- He’s been doing it for what seems like a decade; double digit sacks despite a double team on every play.



11. AJ Green- Two picks ahead of Julio in the draft and I feel he’s two picks ahead of him for the best in the NFL.  Amazing all around wide-out he is making Andy Dalton look awfully good.

10. Joe Thomas- Best blind side protector in the game.

9. Rob Gronkowski- As long as he is healthy he will continue to dominate the NFL. He is a flat out touchdown machine and will undoubtedly be the most prolific scoring tight end in NFL history when he is finished.

8. Tom Brady- Even though we all hate him in Charm City you can’t as an intelligent football fan deny his ability. He will go down as one of the top ten (top five in my opinion) of all time at the quarterback position.

7. Drew Brees- I’m ranking Brees one spot ahead of Brady because I feel he will have a much better year than him. With the wizard Sean Payton back on the headset, I feel the Saints will be back to the offensive juggernaut they were in 2011.

They call him the Brees because he breaks a lot of wind.

They call him the Brees because he breaks a lot of wind.

6. Von Miller- He can do everything, but he does the most important thing in defensive football better then anyone, rush the passer.

5. Peyton Manning- The old man showed last year he still has it. With a bevy of great receivers at his disposal, Manning might break a record or two this year.

4. JJ Watt- By far he is the most dominant defensive football player in the game today. With the amount of passes he swats on top of plugging up the run game and rushing the passer, Watt’s 2012 grade was the highest ever recorded by

3. Calvin Johnson-The best receiver of this generation and he’ll be in the top five all time when it’s all said and done.

2 dimes receiving yards.....sick

2 dimes receiving yards…..sick

2. Aaron Rodgers-  The best player at the most important position in football today, Rodgers is unbelievably efficient and rarely ever makes a mistake, despite the amount of passes he attempts.

Hey Aaron, can I borrow a couple bucks?

Hey Aaron, can I borrow a couple bucks?

1. Adrian Peterson- It was remarkable just to be able to come back for the start of last season.  AP came back and nearly had the most prolific season of any running back of all time. The guy constantly sees eight, and even nine man boxes, and runs through all of them.

AP....none better

AP….none better

Tune in to the NFL Network on the next few Thursdays to see how badly I did.

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