Toothless Man Gnaws On Neighbor’s Manhood Over Loud Noise

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Having only a couple teeth may prevent one man from biting a hard-boiled egg, but this wasn’t enough to keep him out of hot water. Jason Martin, 41, who is lacking teeth, has been found guilty of clamping down on his neighbor’s penis over loud music.

The neighbor Richard Henderson sent the culprit a text to turn down the loud music, but this only angered the hungry neighbor. The pair began to argue, and a fight ensued. Once Henderson made a comment about Martin’s drug use, they began to tussle. Martin claims the neighbor tried to bang his head against a metal staircase, so in retaliation, he clamped down on something he thought was an upper thigh.


The trial was chock-full of doozies:

‘I am not homosexual and there is no way I would  put a man’s penis in my mouth. Even the thought of it makes me sick.’

‘The thought of putting a man’s penis in my mouth. Well, it’s not for me.  Not in a million years would I do it.’

 ‘I accept that I did grab his  testicles, not maliciously or to hurt him badly.’

‘It was just a rat bite. I just grabbed into an  area. I didn’t realize at the time it was his testicles.’

The court was informed that Martin still had blood  around his mouth when police interviewed him, but  he claimed it was from the fat lip he received after getting punched. When Henderson was asked about the experience he said: ‘My  willy was not attached to the rest of my body. I have never experienced that  kind of pain to this day and I don’t want to experience it ever again.’

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  1. Nothing like a non malicious ball grabbing to resolve a fight

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