Tool Shed Josh Donaldson Made A Phenomenal Catch

Sports and Bets — June 24, 2015 at 4:45 pm by

I have to begrudgingly tip my cap to Josh Donaldson for that one. That catch made Derek Jeter’s dive into the stands look like a can of corn. Not only was that an unbelievable play, but it also preserved Marco Estrada’s perfect game. Estrada gave up an infield single to the very next batter, and it brought me an unreasonable amount of joy. It’s a good thing Donaldson dove into the stands at Tampa, though. It was easy for him to find a friendly face to catch him in that abandoned bingo hall of a crowd. If he pulls a stunt like that in Camden Yards on my watch, he’s catching the RKO of a lifetime.

via Deadspin
cover pic: Bleacher Report

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