Too Many Rules And Shitty Refs Are Ruining The NFL

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If you love Tom Brady and his Uggs, or you had the over last night, you are one bitter motherfucker.  I hate Tom Brady and his Uggs and I had the under, so I am quite happy today.  But the unfortunate truth about last night’s controversial last play is that the refs got it wrong.  There was a penalty last night in that Carolina end zone with time expiring, and the Pats should have gotten the ball for one last play;  and yes, it did cost them a chance to win the game, and therefore cost them the game. To say otherwise is ridiculous.


What makes this call considerably worse than other controversial calls is that the penalty flag was thrown and then picked up after a referee conference.  They couldn’t have made it look m0re like a conspiracy if they tried.  It went like this in many people’s minds:  Official  throws flag out of instinct due to defensive hold/ pass interference, other officials come over to remind him that the game is fixed,  official picks up flag and says he made a mistake, referee announces that game is over, all officials run off the field as fast as possible.  Isn’t that what it looked like?  With a game in prime time on the line, playoff seeding hanging in the balance, and millions of wagering dollars waiting to be paid out, this isn’t a good look for the NFL.  Plays like this reek of failure, and the NFL, which brands itself as a serious, perfection seeking league that accepts only the best performance and behavior from it’s players and members, is made to look foolish and even crooked.  Yet despite this the NFL seemingly ignores the obvious and simply plows forward giving confusing explanations for what happened and never truly admitting fault when it’s officials do make mistakes. The NFL is constantly demanding accountability from it’s players, coaches, and even it’s fans, but when accountability is needed from them it is never given.  The fans and the gamblers, who both have made this sport so incredibly huge, are left wondering what the fuck is going on.  But this has been going on for some time.  Bad calls and feeble explanations are part of the game.  We Raven fans are quite familiar.  Remember in December of 2008 when Santonio Holmes caught a pass near the goal line with 47 seconds remaining on 3rd down in the 4th and the Ravens leading 9-6?  Initially the play was ruled down on the 1 foot line.  I can remember watching the replays and thinking, okay now the Steelers will have to make the decision to either kick the tying field goal or go for the win with a touchdown attempt.  I was thinking this because in no way shape or form was the ball ever shown crossing the goal line in any replay.  But Walt Coleman trotted out, said the receiver had possession and two feet in the end zone and that it was a touchdown.  That was ball game.  Ravens lose. That call directly effected the outcome of the game, and the division championship.  With that TD the Steelers ended up at 12-4 and the Ravens at 11-5.  Play overtime and those records may be reversed and playoff seedings different.  That one call effected everything.  But to this day I still don’t know if it was a touchdown or not because the rules are still in a very grey area.  Most people think the ball has to cross the plane of the goal line to be a touchdown, but Coleman never said that in his explanation.  He said the receiver had possession with two feet in the end zone.  Does that mean that even if the ball never crossed the plane it didn’t matter because the rule is simply that the receiver only needs to establish possession with his feet in the end zone and not the ball?  Huh?  Are you confused?  Me fucking too. Will someone please explain this fucking shit to me?  Are there seven different rules for what is or isn’t a touchdown?  I mean I played this game as a kid and in college intramurals, coached my friend’s son’s team for a year in the sport, read numerous books about football strategy and history, and watched and gambled on the pros my entire life, yet I still don’t know if that catch on that cold December night was a touchdown or not.  Something ain’t right about that, and that’s not my fault, it’s the NFL’s.  It’s their fault because there are too many goddamned rules and too many areas available for individual interpretation.

Which brings us back to last night.  Was it pass interference (PI)?  Was it holding?  Was it illegal contact?  Was the fuck was it?  I have read and listened to several experts all day and all of them seem to be saying something different.  I’ve heard it was PI, I heard it was holding, I heard it was illegal contact.  Then I heard the ball wasn’t catchable by Gronk, which made it not PI.  Then I heard the ball was in the air during contact, which meant it was not holding or illegal contact.  Then I heard it was definitely holding and a five yard penalty and the Pats should have gotten one more play from the 13.  Then it was catchable because Gronk  was pass interfered with and couldn’t cut to the ball and therefore the flag should have stood as a PI and a spot foul and the Pats should have gotten the ball on the 1.  Crazy isn’t it?  And all of these scenarios come from guys who played and coached and commentated on the game for years.  Bottom line is there are too many rules and nobody, not even the refs, know what the fuck is going on.  That makes the refs shitty and the rule book shitty.  Ultimately, all this shittyness makes bad, game changing, and season changing calls inevitable, and strangely the NFL simply adds to the confusion by saying nothing and by not changing the rules or the refs.  I mean it took them a million years to change the tuck rule for shit’s sake. It’s mind numbing and it’s a slight to every fan and gambler that follows the NFL.

But after reading through, and listening to, all the muck and nonsense, I’ve come up with the correct call.  The correct call should have been defensive holding and the ball should have been placed at the 13 yard line for one more play.   Would that play have changed the outcome?  Maybe, and that’s the problem.


  1. The Pats are cry baby queers who have been getting favorable calls for years. Tuck rule, shady bobbled touchdowns here, and the Brady “don’t fucking sneeze on me or we’ll throw a flag” rule. Fuck them. Take it like men and move on.

    • The game has been destroyed by bad referring and an excess of rules. “Cry baby queers”? You’re kidding right? The anti-intellectual balderdash of your average American is just a sign of how far this nation has fallen. Frankly, it has nothing to do with Brady or the Patriots or how you feel about them. As for me, I’m lukewarm. The reality is that both that game and the Jets game were bad calls that cost the Patriots wins. It is not about the Patriots however so much as the integrity of the game, which is in rapid decline. That Jets call however was epic in its error. You don’t call a penalty that’s never been called in the history of the game, on a game winning kick, which could also affect the playoff race, when the penalty itself didn’t even affect the play and was a marginal infraction to begin with, if it was actually a penalty at all. You just don’t. Every sportsman knows that. It merely demonstrates very poor judgment on the part of the referees. The fact that the league and the media sphere defend such folly is just further evidence that capitalism taints everything it touches. These liars are little more than hired hands for the NFL’s bottom line. Even the truth must bend to money. The fact is that the game has been ruined by excessive rules. Like a government with too much power or that passes too many laws or too many regulations, the government begins to determine the outcome, rather than the citizens or in this case the players, which is horribly unjust to the players and also bad for the game in the long run. As for me, a guy who yesterday called himself a football fan, I won’t watch the game any longer. They’ve lost a fan. The reason they won’t get their act together is because they’re like the NBA, which is one step below the WWE at this point, and is essentially pure theater, but worse in that it purports to be a legitimate sport/contest. They know that the average fan is a fat shit* who can’t think for himself. They will feed you absurdities and you’ll defend their propaganda. The truth is the truth, no matter what you feel about it. Take it like “men”? WTF? People should just accept falsehoods and injustices because that’s what men do? Really? I would think that men would work to fix the game and its systemic problems and continue to critique it honestly. I’m amazed you haven’t swallowed your own tongue. Dumb American rubes are everywhere nowadays…

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