Tony Romo Made A Joke At Deion Sanders’ Expense, Needless To Say Prime Time Was Not Exactly Thrilled

Sports and Bets — November 6, 2017 at 3:44 pm by



Tony Romo made a joke at Deion Sanders’ expense during the Cowboys/Chiefs broadcast on Sunday afternoon, and as you might expect, Prime Time didn’t take it very well.




So naturally during every fight, you’ve got to pick a side (Team AJ Green for the record). But in this situation, I’m Team Romo here. First of all, all he did was state a fact. Deion didn’t like to tackle, no matter how good of a corner he was. Business decisions all day. Was Deion a better football player than Romo? Clearly, but that’s not the debate here. Although Romo was probably as good of a tackler as Deion was, Deion was the best player at his position of all time. But Tony was obviously trying to make a light hearted joke, and Deion showed how insecure he was by trying to throw as many low blows as possible. And believe me, I’m all about throwing low blows when they’re called for. But this felt too light-hearted for what Romo got sent his way.

Has a country ever changed it’s opinion on a human being faster than we did on Tony Romo? There wasn’t a person outside of Cowboy’s nation that liked Tony Romo. Then he gets in the booth, calls a couple plays before they happen, and suddenly we’re going to war for this guy. Crazy.



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