Today Marks The Beginning Of Baltimore’s New Youth Curfew

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The youth of Baltimore City are under watch by the police in an attempt to keep them safer, as the updated curfew takes effect. Children who are 13 or younger are now required to be indoors by 9 pm every night, and 14-16 year-olds can stay out until 10 on week nights, and 11 on weekends and summer nights. These rules of course only apply to those who are not under the supervision of adults. This new rule takes effect today, Friday August 8th.

If an adolescent is found outside of adult care after their curfew, they will be taken home by a police officer, or to a supervision center, until a parent or guardian can be contacted. The city wants to make sure it is known that this is not a jail or detention center, but rather a place to be taken to to keep them safe and off the dangerous streets of Baltimore late at night. There are currently only two supervision centers, that are only open on weekends, but the city plans to eventually open nine 24/7 centers.

There has been a Baltimore curfew for a long time now, however, the new hours and rules begin today. Let’s hope this keeps the kids of our city safe. To me, it’s just sad that a child is at risk after it gets dark.

via Baltimore Sun

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