To Hell With Duke…And The ACC

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Let me start off this off by saying that I know this is going to sound like sour grapes.  I also know that Duke would have won this game regardless of what I say.  But I will say it anyway.  To Hell with Duke, and good riddance to the ACC.

There are two things in college basketball land that are a given.  The first is that Duke will always have some white boy on their roster whose face will remind you of that hideous spoiled-ass kid in your old neighborhood who you wanted to beat the crap out of for no apparent reason.  (Plumlee’s got this covered.) The second is that Duke will get every call from the refs.  Yesterday was no different in this regard.  After two clean blocks by the Terps were whistled as fouls early in the first half, it was obvious the Terps were not only battling Duke and their home crowd, but the officials as well.  The home cooking only got tastier for Duke as the game progressed.  Terps were repeatedly hacked and mugged under the glass, only to have the zebras swallow their whistles.  Even though the foul totals were similar for both teams (Terps 16 -Duke 15), the poor officiating was more about what the Pukies were allowed to get away with.  All of this isn’t breaking news either.  A former Terp assistant coach  who attended the game tweeted that the officiating was as bad from the stands as it had been from the bench.  The Duke bias is real my friends, and it’s getting old.

Dez Wells is mugged in Durham.  Notice the ref enjoying the mugging.

Dez Wells is mugged in Durham. Notice the ref enjoying the mugging.

I think most of my fellow Maryland Alums would agree that Duke is more hated than North Carolina.  Both are hated by Terps fans, believe it, but there is something inherently more hateable about Duke.  For me it has more to with their fans than anything else.  The “Cameron Crazies” are freakin’ dorks.  Bottom line.  They don’t chant cuss words and they don’t throw batteries at players’ parents like Terps fans do, but their quirky chants and childish antics are annoying and borderline unsportsmanlike.  I mean does this look like good sportsmanship?

Gonna touch you...but not gonna touch you....gonna touch you....but not gonna touch you...

Gonna touch you…but not gonna touch you….gonna touch you….but not gonna touch you…

It looks creepy as shit to me.

So even though Maryland has a few more games against the hated Blue Devils (Terps don’t join Big 10 til 2014-15),  I will say my good-byes early.  Good-bye douche bag white boy players, good-bye referee bias, good-bye dorky Duke fans, good-bye ACC tourney played in North Carolina every freakin’ year,  and good-bye flopping Duke defense.  Good-bye and good riddance.

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  1. Fans like you will be whining in a few years after being stuck in an alien midwestern football conference and how good the ACC was. Is there dook bias? Hell Yes. And you don’t see that coming when we play as the new kid on the block that no one likes or wants around? Don’t kid yourself the big10 HATES us. Not Delaney he’s only focused on money and will squeeze every penny out of us he can but the fans of these teams in these backwater states out in rust country HATE us. And MD fans will HATE them right back as the poor cousins who strike it rich. We are basically the b1g version of the Beverly Hillbillies. If you believe Loh who thinks we will clear huge coin. Which we won’t BTW. The whole thing is a disaster and we will be the odd man out even more than we were. MD panicked pure and simple and didn’t think it thru. Fans will suffer and many will abandon the teams all together. Byrd filled with OSU/M fans will get old REALLY quickly. If MD was Alaska like Gary used to say we just moved to Siberia with this move.

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