Time To Give Andy MacPhail His Props

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The Orioles’ brain trust of GM Dan Duquette and manager Buck Showalter is getting a lot of credit these days for turning the Birds back into winners.  The credit is much deserved.  The boys in orange and black are coming off their first winning season since 1997, and not only was it a winning season, the Birds went to the playoffs, advancing as far as the ALDS before losing to the Evil Empire.  This year Baltimore is proving that last year was no joke.  The O’s are eleven games over .500 as of this writing, and they just swept that same Evil Empire back up to Nueva York. Baltimore is a contender for real babes.

Dan Duquette has been a big part of this recent success.  Duquette has shown a penchant for identifying diamonds in the rough.  Diamonds that can play ball.  Nate Mclouth, Miquel Gonzalez, Joe Saunders, Wei Yin Chen, and hell, even Lew Ford all come to mind as talented players who have given major contributions to the Oriole cause.  Some of these players were on the scrap heap, but given a chance by Duquette, they produced.  Dan is not afraid to sign a player who may give only a spot start or one key at-bat.  Nor is he afraid to wheel and deal, as is evidenced by today’s trade for starting pitcher Scott Feldman.  (Bye-bye Arrieta and Strop.)  Duquette is showing us he wants to win, and win now.

I win, that's what the hell I do.

I win, that’s what the hell I do.

Buck has just been Buck.  He has completely changed the entire mind-set of this franchise by demanding excellence and by giving attention to detail.  The detail of winning.  The club has bought in to this winning philosophy and it’s paying big dividends.

But Dan Duquette didn’t hire Buck, former GM Andy MacPhail did, and the hiring of Buck was just one of many signings that the former GM  engineered to build the core of this ball club.  Andy was here from 2007 until 2010.  The Orioles never enjoyed a winning season while he was here, but without him and the young players he acquired they wouldn’t be winning now.

That’s right Ol’ Andy was the guy who built the foundation of this brand new Oriole house of winning.  Let’s look at the current line up and pitching staff to see just what Andy did to mold the Orioles back into playoff contenders.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones

CF Adam Jones:  Jones was the key player in the deal with Seattle for Eric Bedard, who was a real good pitcher at the time.  Now Bedard stinks and pitches for the Astros.  Jones has won a Gold Glove, been an All-Star, and now bats clean-up in one of the best line ups in baseball.

SS JJ Hardy:  Andy stole JJ from the Twins for two minor leaguers who I refuse to care enough about to write their names.  Hardy is one of the best power hitting short stops in baseball and his glove is gold babes.

1B Chris Davis:  The Orioles got Davis and Tommy Hunter from the Rangers for Koji. Koji was a nice pitcher but c’mon man.  Andy beasted this one.   Davis is now Crush Davis and is murdering baseballs and terrorizing pitchers.  He leads the world with 31 home runs.  Koji is now pitching for the Red Sox and is still very good, but the Birds easily got the best of this deal.

Beast Mode

Beast Mode

C Matt Wieters:  Andy drafted the best defensive catcher in baseball fifth overall in 2007.  Wieters also hits for power and RBIs.

3B Manny Machado: Manny was drafted by MacPhail third overall in 2010.  Manny is real good at baseball.  BTW, he leads the league in doubles.

Manny is good at baseball.

Manny is good at baseball.

RF Nick Markakis:   Under Andy’s watch the Orioles signed the talented Markakis to a long-term extension in 2010.  To get a player as talented as Nick to stay in Baltimore when he did is nothing short of a miracle.

In case you were wondering, that’s six every day players in the current Oriole line up.  A lineup that’s batting .272.  Combined these six players have 134 doubles, 85 home runs and 306 RBIs this season.  That’s kind of a big deal.

I have 10 wins.

I have 10 wins.

SP Chris Tillman:  Chris has 10 wins and is the ace of this staff.  He was also in the Bedard deal, who is probably complaining about something and acting like a puss as we speak.

LHP:  Troy Patton:  Acquired by MacPhail in the Tejada deal,  Patton has been a bulldog out of the pen and is a key left-handed reliever.

RHP Tommy Hunter: Mentioned above, “Big Game” Hunter has stepped up big time to become Baltimore’s most feared reliever.  Hunter throws freakin’ gas and is a shut down fireballer with a fastball that messes with 100 m.p.h.

So it’s time to give Mr. MacPhail his due.  While researching this blog I read a ton of blogs bashing the O’s former GM.  Boy were they wrong.  Andy gave this team a great core of young players that seem poised for long-term success.  If the Birds happen to win the whole thing, than Andy MacPhail should definitely get a ring, he would deserve it in a big way.






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