Time For The Ravens To Beat Up On Luck and The Colts, Smash Mouth Style.

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At 3-1, the Ravens are looking solid and sitting pretty in second place in the AFC North.  Offensive Coordinator, Gary Kubiak, and his west coast, zone-run-blocked system has suited Joe Flacco and the Ravens well. The Purple and Black Birds are ranked sixth overall in total offense and are averaging almost 400 yards per game.  The offensive line, after a dismal 2013, has blossomed under the tutelage of Kubiak and his staff.  This team can now run the ball again and Flacco hasn’t been sacked for three weeks, the first time that he hasn’t eaten turf  during a three game stretch in his career.  As bad as they were on offense last year, the changes and positives in points and yardage production have been mind boggling and refreshing.

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Now the Ravens hit the road for five of their next seven contests after hosting three of their first four within the cozy confines of The Big Crabcake.  The Ravens have already won half as many games on the road this year, one, as they did last year. This Sunday, as you all know, Baltimore travels to Indianapolis to take on the Colts and Andrew Luck.  A win this weekend would go along way in proving that the 2014 Ravens are for real.  The Colts are a quality team, and a road win against them would help exorcise the 2013 road demons and would help in potential playoff seeding down the road.  This is a pretty big conference game for the Ravens.

Plus, it’s always good to beat the Colts, the ex-girlfriend of our football lives.  The Colts have been gone a looooong time and personally, I could give a shit if the Colts win or lose on a week-to-week basis.  But some Baltimorons (and I say that lovingly) still hold an emotional grudge against the Colts for their sins of the past.  I know a dude who will still give  Mayflower trucks the finger if he sees one on the road.  Nacho Mama’s, courtesy of my father-in-law, has the stuffed head of deceased Colts’ owner Bob Irsay hanging in their bar.  After the Colts left Baltimore, my father-in-law and his pals would fly to NFL games all over the country, and drag a five-foot tall, stuffed Bob Irsay doll to the games with them.  They’d buy the doll a plane ticket, and dinner and drinks. Only the head of the doll the remains intact, but the legend of this city’s animosity towards Irsay and the Colts remains. And hell, even I’ll admit, that blue horseshoe does stir the cockles when I gaze upon it.

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But for the most part, that bitterness has subsided.  The Ravens have two Super Bowls to the Colts’ one, and the constant winning here has cured the, “team has moved,” blues.  (That playoff win against the Colts during the Ravens’ last Super Bowl run did a lot to cure that too.)

Which brings us to the here and now.  The Colts have been destroying weak teams for the last two weeks and quarterback,Andrew Luck has been playing sick football all season.  He’s easily in the,” top five quarterback in the league,” discussion and he’s an obvious star.  With the Ravens secondary problems, Luck and his weapons are going to pose a big challenge to this Ravens’ D.  The key will be to put Luck on his back.  Luck’s been sacked just five times this season, and he was barely touched last week in the Colts’ blowout win at Tennessee.  But Denver got to him three times, he can be had, and Elvis and his 3.5 QB drops are coming to town. If he’s on his back, Luck can’t beat you.

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But even if Luck does stay upright, the Colts will be one dimensional.  That’s because I can almost guarantee that the Colts won’t run on the Ravens.  The Ravens are back to their stingy ways against the run and I just don’t see Ahmad Bradshaw and Trent Richardson having their way with Baltimore.  That means that the Ravens won’t need to drop another man in the box because the Ravens can win on run plays without the extra defender.  That will help in defending against Luck and his rifle arm.  It will also make the Colts one-dimensional, and the Ravens have always had tremendous success against great quarterbacks when they’ve been able to shut down or limit the great quarterback’s supporting run game.

The run game is also going to be the key on the other side of the ball for the Ravens.  The Colts are allowing over 104 yards per game on the ground.  While that may not be particularly alarming, it may be a bit more so once you realize that the Colts were well ahead in each of their last two contests.  Nobody’s running when down 35-14.  The Titans only rushed the ball 16 times last week, the Jaguars only 20 times the previous week.  What’s perhaps more telling is the yards allowed per rush stat.  The Colts are allowing 4.4 yards per rush.  By contrast the Ravens are allowing 3.3.  4.4 is a lot of yards per rush and that weakness plays right to an obvious Raven strength. The Ravens will be able to run the football.  As good as a defensive tackle as Cory Redding is, he’s no match for K.O. and Marshall Yanda on the interior with the way the Ravens’ guard duo is playing.  This may be a game well suited for Beast-Lo Taliaferro.  His physical style of running could be used to soften a beat up Colts D-Line, smash-mouth style.

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The Ravens have several key players injured with Eugene Monroe out, Chris Canty doubtful,  and Terrrell Suggs listed as questionable. (Suggs will probably play.) If Canty can’t go, F.N.G., Lawrence Guy, will see time.  With the way this front seven has been playing, the new guy should acclimate well into the defensive line rotation.  Tackle James Hurst , Monroe’s replacement, already played well against a better front seven last week.  The Ravens obviously trust him.  This is a next man up team.

The Ravens are more talented overall than the Colts.  If this game were in Baltimore, the Ravens would blow the Colts the hell out with their physical play.  On the road it will be close- for a half.  The Ravens will grind this team into submission, and Flacco will make some big plays.  Look for a big day out of Beast-Lo and watch The Smiths get deep a few times on the Colts’ depleted safety corps. (Laron Landry is out for juicin’.)   Luck will score a garbage TD in garbage time to make it closer than it really was.  It’s smash-mouth time in Indy.  Ravens 30- Colts 23.



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