“Three Types Of Crazy”…A Girl’s Advice

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Every single male in their twenties is single for a reason, if your not socially unacceptable, work 50+ hours a week or are massively obese and can not fit through the front door then you are most likely playing the field. You work during the week, maybe take a few classes and go out Friday and Saturday looking for the next thing you can lay into. Being a single guy is not as easy as it seems considering that men and women in their twenties are always seeking different things. You as the guy go out looking for a good bang, when the single girl goes out looking for her “soul mate”. I have noticed over the past few months between hearing stories from my crazy single girl friends and my hungry single guy friends that men really need to be watchful for the “three types of crazy”. All three types of crazy will trick you into having a girlfriend when your just after sex without the relationship.


1. “Rebound Girl” This is the girl who has just gotten dumped. You may already know this girl and have always thought “she’s bangable” stop. She wants to hang out as soon as she is single, why? Because she needs you to fill her void. Her ex is out banging all of Baltimore and she needs to make him jealous, ruin his life. She will cock block you from other girls by liking all of your posts, constantly writing on your wall and tagging you in every bar you walk into so her ex thinks she is moved on and happy. Rebound girls get attached fast and won’t go down without a fight. Be strong.


2. “The Forced Date” This girl is playing hard to get and demands respect. She won’t meet you out at the bar and definitely will not respond to your 3 AM “hi:)” text messages. If your open to a relationship she is the one, if not stay away. You will take her on a few dates have a couple make outs realize your not going to pound town and move on. In her mind she deserves and explanation. Why isn’t he texting me? We talked all day yesterday? Is he seeing someone else? Did I do something wrong? He didn’t like my over the pants handy I gave him? She thought it was going somewhere, that there was a plan for your future relationship. Prepare to have your Facebook stalked for weeks and every girl that likes your pictures/post will be stalked as well. She is going to have other people ask you why you won’t talk to her? You will be the topic of discussion with her girlfriends over happy hour for months. Your not looking for this type of girl until your ready to leave the sloppy blow jobs and sloppy missionary sex with strangers behind.

 3. “Show Girl” Show girls are the attention whores, the loud mouths at the bar. They are the first to snap embarrassing pictures with you and of you. All of show girls friends and co workers know about you. She eventually thinks this hooking up will lead to a relationship. She loves to call you when shes drunk and your friends if you don’t answer. She may be more excited to hook up with you then you are with her. You can never get away from the show girl, she will always text you under the influence and whine when she doesn’t hear from you for a weekend. You probably already have one of these girls on the side, maybe a few.

 There are too many types of crazy to count. The safest route is to be honest from the start, tell her you are not looking for a relationship and if she agrees she may carry a couple strands of HPV but she won’t expect anything from you! Girls over think all of the time. Extra cuddling after sex? Oh he likes me so much. Invite her over at 3 AM? Oh he likes me so much. The crazy triggers when she realizes “oh wait, he doesn’t like me”, and just like that your life will be hell.

By Liz Groom



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