Thoughts, Questions, and Comments On Baltimore’s Destruction By Its Own Citizenry

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Freddie Gray’s funeral was today.  His family asked for peace and they asked that no demonstrations take place today.  Some city residents responded to this wish by burning and looting several neighborhoods.  Today and tonight wasn’t about Freddie Gray.  Today and tonight was about criminals and thugs taking advantage of a horrible situation and making it worse.  Anyone who perpetuated violence today in the name of Freddie Gray greatly disrespected Gray and his family.  Anyone who perpetuated violence today in Baltimore is a piece of shit.  Unfortunately, it looks like we have a lot of pieces of shit living in Baltimore.

Gray’s death is a police brutality issue, not a race issue.  Police beat and kill white people, too.

A government that kills its citizenry in an unjust manner is an unjust government.  Unjustified death at the hands of police should not happen to anyone, period.

Gray had been arrested over 2o times in his life.  Yes, he was obviously a criminal.  But his charges were mostly drug related.  He was not a violent criminal.  If you think in any way, shape, or form that his death was justified, you are a complete idiot.


If Freddie Gray had been shot by another black man nobody outside his circle of family and friends would give a shit.  That’s fucked up and it’s a big problem in itself.

The protestors who protested peacefully have every right to do so.  This is America, goddammit.  It was built on protest.  The people who rioted are not protestors, they are criminals.

The protest on Saturday should have been confined to designated streets and those streets only.  If the protestors wanted the route from the Western District, to Shock Trauma, to City Hall, then so be it.  Those streets should have been closed and those streets only.  The fact that the protest was allowed to move onto Pratt, Light, and Howard Streets is ridiculous. Once the official protest ended, folks should have gone home.  They should have not been allowed to move towards Camden Yards as the sun set.  Protests happen during the day.  Nobody holds a protest at night. Whoever announced that the crowd should move to Camden Yards should be arrested for inciting a riot.

Why did it take so long for the mayor to call a state of emergency today?  The National Guard should have been called in much sooner.  It was obvious that by mid afternoon that the violence was spiraling out of control.  There should be boots on every corner tonight.  The fact that the mayor didn’t call a curfew for tonight is a joke too.  SRB has botched this from the beginning and she did not respond to today’s violence quickly enough. The city was not proactive, they were reactive to the violence.

riots 2

The businesses that have been burned in West Baltimore won’t choose to come back.  Why would CVS rebuild?  The locally owned businesses that have been destroyed won’t be able to afford to come back.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlins-Blake should have been way more visible, way earlier.

Businesses downtown will lose billions of dollars from this.  Who the hell is coming here now on their day off?

How will Baltimore impose a curfew with the Orioles in town all week?

Why would someone burn and destroy their own neighborhood over this is well beyond me.

It’s obvious that Baltimore needs boots and guns on every corner.

We need the media to stop race baiting.

Tonight, I’m embarrassed to say that I’m from Baltimore.  Unfortunately, I’m also not surprised by all this.

The words of Robert Valentine, Vietnam Veteran, ring true.  Goodnight, and stay safe out there.







  1. Gray was a criminal. He didn’t deserve what happened. It is all results of a terrible government in general. They keep lying to us about the economy. If the rioters had good jobs then they wouldn’t be doing this crap.

    • Completely agree with that statement. Baltimore needs jobs, not more public policy. It is the basic’s of humanity. A job gives people hope, and a feeling of worth. To be able to earn a buck and support a family. Corporate greed is destroying our cities, and enslaving the people to the government welfare hand out.

      • I don’t understand how Corporate greed is killing our cities. More like corrupt politicians and bad policy. Can’t have jobs without corporations, government doesn’t create jobs.

        • A combination of both. Simply by shipping jobs over seas to workers making 1/4 of what American wage earners make. Take Nike for instance. They shipped most of the manufacturing jobs over seas and pay their workers in some cases $1.30 per hour while they charge anywhere from 50-120.00 for a single pair of shoes. A lot of what we use here is manufactured in other countries for wages that would be considered slave labor here. 300-400% mark up on items while passing out multi-million dollar bonuses to CEO’s and Executive staff.

          • A private company is free to do what it wants. If they go out of business that is their problem. I don’t care how much a CEO gets paid. Don’t buy Nike. The price of labor is coming up in China and other countries if we would back off on some of the millions of ridiculous regulations they might move back here. Not to mention the pro union government. That doesn’t help business either.

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