This Woman Got Caught Breaking In To Parked Cars; Claimed She Was Looking For ISIS

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According to Lisa Carol Roche of Mississippi, ISIS terrorists could be lurking in parked cars on a school property. She was allegedly caught by police breaking into cars and vandalizing them, and when confronted about it she claimed she was “looking for ISIS terrorists.”


There’s two things that stood out to me about this story. One, is that she doesn’t have enough tattoos. That one should be pretty obvious. And two, I genuinely believe this woman thought she was about to discover terrorists in a children’s schoolyard, and she was doing this country a great service by breaking personal items in parked cars at the same time. Terrorists don’t deserve to have nice things, and she wanted to deliver due justice by vandalizing their personal property. What a patriot.

She might be on to something here.

via Huffington Post

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  1. Well, that’s a new one…

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