This Woman Doesn’t Take Kindly To Someone Asking For Refund At Her Favorite Salon

Humor — July 28, 2016 at 7:29 am by

First and foremost, it is odd to see someone asking for a refund at a hair salon. You usually pay after the service is complete, right?

Moving on, this woman is so outrageous, you almost have to respect her. For starters, it appears that her rage is born when this guy comes into her spot trying to mix things up. She stands by her product, and will go to war with anyone that has a problem with their fade. Secondly, how about her battle strategy? She covered every angle on this dude, his camera was his saving grace against her Rubik’s cube brain. She screamed a lot, claimed her ribs were hurting from the altercation, and with the final blow, she accused him of being the crazy one. The oldest, yet most effective play in the book.

Never forget, she also has a law degree. Checkmate.

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