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Reality television is becoming more and more ridiculous, and yet I can’t stop watching. As I was scrolling through all the educational material that I might have missed, I came across some real gems…

The Discovery Channel aired a documentary about the KKK, and the picture below suggests that they are a nice group by handing out sandwiches at a charity event. Oh yeah, and they are in their full KKK attire. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to get my sandwiches from a woman, not a man in a bed sheet.


Next, comes My Strange Addiction…This chick drinks a shit load of blood, and could tell you the difference between pig, human, male and female blood. She is basically the number one source for all blood taste related questions. When she drinks someone’s blood, she stays away from the neck ’cause that’s way to cliché…


And finally, there was celebrities competing…I will let Jacoby Jones on Dancing With The Stars slide, because lets face it he’s got moves.


Kareem Abdul Jabbar dominated the NBA, and went toe to toe with Bruce Lee. Now with this new show Splash, I will remember him as Louie Anderson’s swimming partner, and for his lousy attempt at a backflip.

Thank God for Katherine Webb…



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