This Video May Or May Not Be Dolphins O-Line Coach Snorting Lines

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In a recent video posted to Facebook, we see a man snorting lines of an unknown substance. The man in question looks a lot like Miami’s O’line coach, Chris Foerster.

The Dolphins are aware…

Herald The Miami Dolphins are aware of an internet video that apparently shows offensive line coach Chris Foerster snorting an unknown powdery substance while at work at some point in his NFL career. The video clearly shows Foerster’s face. A club source confirmed that is Foerster on the video.

From the looks of it, this is how you tell someone you miss them. This is also how you let someone know you’re excited about the baby news. This seems like an awful strategy all around, there was 1 million percent chance this video would see the light of day.

Hey babe. Miss you. Thinking about you. How ‘bout me going into a meeting, and doing this before I go? There’s those big grains falling, but I miss you. I miss you a lot. What do you think? Crazy? I know, babe. It’s gonna be a while before we can do this again, because I know you’re going to keep that baby. But I think about you when I do it. I think about how much I miss you, how hot we got together

Update via DolphinsChris Foerster
“I am resigning from my position with the Miami Dolphins and accept full responsibility for my actions. I want to apologize to the organization and my sole focus is on getting the help that I need with the support of my family and medical professionals.”

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