This Ultimate Bro Is A Legend: Flexes Biceps At Cop When Accused Of Carrying A Gun

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This story just makes me laugh, and I’m not sure exactly why. On Monday, in Northampton, MA, police responded to a report saying a man may be carrying a gun, but had not made any threats to anyone. When the police arrived, they proceeded to ask the drunk man if he had a gun. He said that he had no guns on him, except his biceps, which he then flexed accordingly.

What an absolute solid move to pull on a cop. So simple, yet so epic. So much respect coming from my end on this one. Nothing better than being drunk and dicking around with a cop. No way the police officer was able to keep a straight face throughout this process. Had I been this dude, I would have thrown my hands up in the air, and walked away like I had just hit a walk off homer in game 7 of the World Series. He earned it.

Here’s a snippet of the police report…


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