This U of Iowa Chick Will Definitely Out Drink You (She Smacked A Breathalyzer With A .341)

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So this chick, her name is Samantha Goudie, allegedly goes running onto the football field during the Iowa-Northern Illinois matchup. (Iowa lost.)  When they arrested her and gave her a breathalyzer she blew a .341.  Wow, girlfriend can throw it down.  Talk about the perfect first semester girlfriend.  She drinks her face off, she runs on football fields and she doesn’t give a fuck whether you like it or not.  Who wouldn’t love to party with this broad?  Of course one can only stand so many girlfriend arrests.  Plus I guarantee she pisses her bed at least once a month. Notice the third pic.  Plastic vodka bottle=cheap and classy date.  Tums in the background=hangover pro.  But whatever her deal is, this just helps cement Iowa’s rep as a big-time party school.  Tore up from the floor up babes.

iowa chix

Mugshot after blowing .341

iowa chix1

…..and she don’t give a fuuuuuck.



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