This Tourist Was Inches Away From Losing His Head While Chasing That Perfect Camera Angle

Fails — April 9, 2016 at 2:59 pm by

We’ve all seen the videos where the planes look like they’re barely missing the beaches of a Caribbean island, but we don’t think about the mavericks that are chasing these planes with their camcorders. You know, the guys that are willing to stand next to the warning sign, just to face a plane head on.  This dude was testing his 360-degree camera, and threw every aspect of common sense out the window. I hate to believe it, but the same life rules apply on vacation after all.

Grind The Gustaff III Airport on the Caribbean island of St. Barts was ranked as the third-most dangerous airport in the world by the “Most Extreme Airports” program on the History Channel. It has a steep descent arrival over a hilltop traffic circle and a departure that skims over the heads of sunbathers.The man told Politano he felt the wheel of the airplane touching his right hand“The guy showed me the traces of the tire on his hand afterwards,” Politano told Caters. “But I didn’t believe him. It was only when I saw the footage afterwards and saw how close it came that I believed him.



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