This Teacher Showed Up Drunk And Pantsless To First Day At Work

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We all know the first couple days of school don’t really count, so every now and then someone is going to show up drunk. It was just another first day for most, but for new teacher Lorie Ann Hill, it was the day that would change her teaching life forever. She entered the school in memorable fashion, drunk and pantsless. This stigma could stick with a teacher for a lifetime…

Police were called at the Oklahoma school around 9 a.m., when Lorie seemed a little tipsy. Sure enough, police determined she was in fact drunk, as she stood disoriented in an empty classroom. I’m sure the nerves as a new teacher got to her, and she later admitted she’d been drinking. She was booked into Wagoner City Jail on suspicion of public intoxication.

Well Done Lorie

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