This Shark Falling From The Sky In Virginia Smells Like A Publicity Stunt

News — July 7, 2015 at 4:18 pm by


It was just a matter of time, sharks are now doing air strikes. Between sightings and ocean attacks, it is safe to say we are all tapped out with sharks this summer. Just when everyone is finally convinced sharks are in the ocean, this sucker drops into a Virginia backyard…

Discovery A Virginia Beach family had quite the surprise this weekend: a foot-long shark was discovered to have fallen from the sky, landing squarely in the family’s backyard. Based on talon marks on the shark’s body, experts believe that the an osprey plucked the unsuspecting creature from the ocean, inadvertently releasing its meal before it had the chance to chow down.

This not only fits well with shark week, but it is impeccable timing for Sharknado 3


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