This Poll Makes Sense: State of Vermont Hates Maryland Football The Most Out Of All College Football Teams

Sports and Bets — August 6, 2014 at 11:36 pm by

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This poll is obviously really scientific.  This map shows which teams are hated the most in each State of the Union. So, according to this, people in New Mexico loath Ole Miss, folks in Georgia hate Ohio State, the citizens of Idaho hate Air Force (Who the hell hates Air Force?!) and the 21 people who responded to the poll that live in Vermont say that they hate Terps football.  That’s right, according to this poll, the State of Vermont finds Maryland Football vile and repulsive.  That probably makes sense since the Terps have probably never stepped foot in the State of Vermont as a football team.

Sure, let’s ask 21 people in a state a question and then put those results on a map as representing the whole state. Then we’ll post it to the net. Nice poll, bro.

And if all of Vermont really does hate the Terps, well then, fuck you too, Vermont.

The word vile always makes me think of Newman eating broccoli….

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