This ‘Planet Earth II’ Footage Shows Newborn Marine Iguanas Running For Their Life The Moment They Hatch

Entertainment, Outdoors — November 7, 2016 at 11:02 am by

There is already hype around Planet Earth IIand clips like this helps the anticipation build. It is no mystery that the camerawork for this series is insane, we could only imagine the wait time to capture this shit on film.

This footage is from The Galapogos Island, and it explores the moment a marine iguana hatches. It’s not all warm and fuzzy, in fact, it’s pretty close to a horror movie. The instant these iguanas are born, it is a race for their life. First of all, fuck this snake filled, sand pit of death. Secondly, how about the instinct of these iguanas? They are just born, and their instincts are through the roof.


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