This Lady Was Super Happy About Setting Fire To A Yoga Studio

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41-year-old Nancy “Suzanne” Duarte was not at all pleased with how she was being treated at American Power Yoga in Dallas, Texas. She claims that two men that worked there harassed her for years and wouldn’t leave her alone. She says that one of the men “kept hitting on me and kept trying to make me the girlfriend on the side” (CBS Dallas). Instead of going to the police, Duarte decided to take matters into her own hands. From Gawker:

So she waited until Saturday night and, after she was certain the studio had emptied, tried to burn that mother down with matches and a can of gasoline. She wanted to “set it on fire, just destroy it, get rid of the devil’s temple,” she said. It sort of worked, forcing the devil’s temple to close briefly before returning to scheduled classes later in the week. No one was hurt, and businesses in the adjoining shopping center weren’t damaged.

Duarte, who is currently being held on $16,000 bond, says that her only regret is that the studio didn’t sustain more damage. I wouldn’t beat yourself up about that too much, Suzanne. I highly doubt those pricks will be bothering you anytime soon after you tried to Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes their place of employment. I think you’ve proved your point, and deep down in your heart, I think you know you’ve proved it, too. Just look at your thousand-watt smile lighting up that jail. That’s not the smile of a botched arson attempt, that’s the smile of a job well done.


via Gawker, CBS Dallas, & Raw Story
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