This Keyboardist Really Drops The Ball During Talent Show

Humor — June 19, 2014 at 1:54 pm by

by Zach

There’s just a quartet of young lady killers shredding on stage until the keyboardist ruins it for everyone. I don’t know if I felt more awkward watching this rock show before or after the dropped instrument. Or when he stands there unwilling to pick the keyboard up on his own. Or when the audience gives him a pity clap. I would have liked for the band to just keep playing instead of stopping on a dime, but then again I like my lead guitarist to not be wearing high ankle socks, so what do I know. These kids are probably too young to get laid anyway, so no harm, no foul on that one. Luckily the blonde kid on the left saved everyone from the most uncomfortable minute and a half of their lives.

via Ebaums

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