This Is Comedy Dammit! Our Movie Mogul Picks The Best of The 90’s

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Our movie expert “Babes” picks the best comedies of the 1990″s.  Enjoy.

By “Babes”

Look, I’m sure many of you will debate this list, but I’m the know all, be all of cinema …Here are my top 15 comedies of the nineties

15. The Ref.  One of the most underrated comedies of the 90’s. This is one I can watch over and over and never get sick of it. Denis Leary is amazing as a cat burglar stuck in a small town trying to escape police detection.  Along the way he’ s forced to take the  married couple of  Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis hostage.  Little does he know they are quite possibly the most annoying couple in the world who are constantly fighting  with each other. The dialogue is hilarious and the image of everyone sitting around the table with wreaths and candles on their heads eating Christmas dinner will never leave me. Throw in the brother with the over bearing wife, the blackmailing con son, and the mother in law that you want to throw under a moving bus, you have quite the assorted cast of characters that keep the laughs coming.

Favorite Quote: “The day you see anything through to the end I ll stick my own dick in my ear.”

14. Swingers  This is the movie that catapulted Vince Vaughn to stardom with his fast talking method of spraying “beautiful babies”.  His proclamation to Jon Favreau’ s character “Mikey you’re so money and you don’t even know it!” is one of my favorite lines. I laugh every time I watch the four guys bouncing around to different parties and bars and they are driving four separate cars.  This movie also makes you realize you can flirt with a girl from across the room without looking at her. I’ ve always wanted to tear up the napkin with the girls phone number on it as I walked away.  This place is dead anyway.

Favorite Quote: “Oh wow your home. Have you been listening for a while?”


13. Don’t be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood– C’mon with a title like that how could it not be fucking hilarious.  With this satire, the Wayans bros slammed  all of  the “hood” movies that were being churned out in the early nineties.  It was like Hollywood wanted people to move to Compton. My favorite part was when the main character Ashtray was putting his father to bed with a bedtime story.  Now, Tray let me tell you about drunk driving, man that shit is fun…

Favorite Quote: ” Damn bitch you tight. Wrong hole fool!”

12. Can’t Hardly Wait– This story of  a graduation night party is absolutely hysterical with one of the nineties best characters-Seth Green’ s Kenny Fisher.  He’s the yo boy of all yo boys, “yo I gots to get laid tonight.”  How hot is J Love Hew in that tank top;  and you can’t forget the feel good story of the class nerd turning into the life of the party with just a few sips of beer.  It’s amazing how important beer is to a high schooler’s social life.

Favorite Quote: “92 percent yo”

 11. Wedding Singer– Sandler’s best work of the nineties portrays him as a washed up rock singer who never quite made it past the cover band stage and now has resorted to playing  weddings and bar mitzvahs.  Hilarity ensues and Drew Barrymore has never looked better.
Her name is gonna be Julia Goolia? Maybe the best part of the movie is Steve Buscemi’s drunk best man speech at his brother’s wedding when it  doesn’t look like he is the best man.

Favorite Quote: “Remember those girls in Mexico-I guess they were hookers I don’t remember paying”

10. Office Space This ode to low-level cubicle workers has turned into quite the cult classic. You’ ve got Michael Bolton, Lumbergh, a waitressing without enough flare Jen Anniston, and a jump to conclusions Mat.  Who could forget those tps reports. (don’t forget the cover page). When Peter asks his neighbor what he’ d do with a million dollars he ponders a second and retorts”two chicks at one time”.

Favorite QuoteWe got a tie,  “I’m gonna show her my “O face”. “So Peter what’s happening. Listen I’m gonna need you to come in on Saturday. And I’m gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday too.

9. Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me To me, this is the best of the AP trilogy with the introduction of Fat Bastard, who easily steals the movie.  Mike Myers at his best playing all three major characters. The laughs roll out continuously. I think I spoke in a Dr. Evil accent for the rest of the summer after this came out.


Favorite Quote: “You’re in a volcano. Your surrounded by liquid hot magma.”

8. Naked Gun 2.5 Got to love Frank Drebin police squad! 1000 drug dealer kills(even though the last two he backed over with his car-they just happened to be drug dealers). One of the funniest scenes ever to me was when Drebin is tied up and trying to escape and a series of seemingly endless heavy objects keep falling on the handicapped guy that Drebin is with.

Favorite Quote: “I ve been dating too-an author. She wrote the book on male sexual dysfunction I’m sure you’ ve read it.”

7. Dogma Another Kevin Smith gem that tackles the age-old questions:  was Jesus black?  Is God a woman?  Are Afflack and Damon angels put here by God?  The Catholic Church was in an uproar over this flick which simply tries to poke a little fun at a topic that people have been fanatical about since the birth of civilization religion. Chris Rock’ s character says it best when discussing the world’s different religions by saying that nobody has gotten it totally right. Jason Lee is phenomenal as always as a Demon trying to end existence to escape the pains of hell. With a ton of great cameos( Carlin giving road head) this is by far my favorite Smith flick.
Favorite Quote: “If there’ s not a Hollywood movie about it it’s not worth knowing to you people.”

6. Home Alone Whether you think it’s a kids movie or not,  this movie is one of the funniest slapstick comedies of all time.  It’s a pretty ingenious concept  having a six-year-old be the hero, and you have to appreciate Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern as Harry and Marv. (A.KA.  the wet bandits.)  As much as Culken carries the movie,  those guys make it work by stealing scene after scene in the climatic final night battle.  Better hope you don’t have to sleep on the hideaway bed with Fuller!

Favorite Quote: “I wouldn’t let you sleep in my room if you were growing on my ass!”

5. Kingpin Yes I like Farrelly bros movies. Bill Murray is genius as Big Ern McCracken. Woody plays the part of a loser to perfection and who wouldn’t think of Randy Quaid as a runaway Amish bowler. Got to love the scene where Roy Munson pays a friend to attempt to mug his landlady and she ends up dumping hot coffee in his face.  Later she catches the two of them exchanging money in  Munsen’s apartment, where she again hits him with coffee in the face.

Favorite Quote: “the worlds a small place when you have amazing tits Roy

4. Clerks  This is Kevin Smith’s low-budget masterpiece that made it look cool to work at a convenience store. Smith matches great characters with amazingly hilarious dialogue that mostly centers around the idea of fuck everything!  And you got to love the necrophilia.

Favorite Quote: I’m including two here. “Try not to suck anyone’s dick on your way to the car”
“What are you gonna do for an encore anally rape my grandmother while you pour sugar in my gas tank?”

3 American Pie Everyone in or around  high school age when this came out could probably see themselves as one of the main cast members. Whether you were the jock, or the guy who couldn’t shit in school,you can vouch for the fact that all you could think about is getting ass. This movie has everything: slapstick comedy, one liners, pie fucking, and who can forget Shannon Elizabeth.

Favorite Quote: “Suck me beautiful”

2. There’s Something About Mary– Another Farrell’s bros hit that features multiple scenes that will live in infamy. “Oh is that hair gel?” I mean, who hasn’t gotten their  junk caught in their zipper a time or two?  Just don’t know how he got the beans over the frank! Cameron Diaz is ridiculously hot and Ben Stiller has never been better.  The scene at the driving range between Matt Dillion and Diaz is my favorite. “You got change for a dollar? All I have are these damn Nepalize coins.”


Favorite Quote:”Geez Ted I was only three towns away”

1 Dumb and Dumber For me, far and away the best comedy ever. It’s Jim Carrey at his best and Jeff Daniels is the perfect complement. The toilet scene will go down as one of the funniest scenes in Hollywood history. With so many memorable one liners how can it not be number one. Big gulps huh-well see ya later. Oh look frost.


Favorite Quote:”We’ll if that gentleman over there is Seabass…”


  1. I really like the list. I love the Farraley bro’s.. Though I have to point out missing Tommy Boy from the list is a bit of a shame. Lists are made for discussion though. Other worth a mention, The Waterboy, Happy Madison maybe Groundhog Day. Not sure I agree that The Wedding Singer is Sandlers best work. Maybe his most adult comedy but not his best.

  2. Oh, Friday too. I must have watched that 100 times.

  3. Yes Friday needs to be on this list……top 3 definitely.

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