This Is A Perfect Example Of Why You Don’t Try To Fight A Bouncer

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This is one of those situations that you will live to regret, and you probably decided this the second you got involved. Don’t fight the bouncer. If they toss you from the establishment, call them a name and roll (run). 9 times out of 10, you’re attempt at being a hardass will fail miserably. It’s a known fact that bouncers swarm, so if you think you have the upper hand, this will be short lived.

DailyMail This is the moment a drunk man instantly regrets picking a fight with a burly bouncer when he is floored with just one punch. During a late-night argument outside a bar in Johnson City, Tennessee, the shirtless customer is seen advancing towards the doorman who is twice his size. Despite the drunk adopting an aggressive boxing stance and throwing some air punches, his 320-pound opponent does not seem worried by the small man trying to pick a fight. 

Oh yeah, squaring up against an MMA bouncer doesn’t hep your cause…

Uproxx It turns out the bouncer, one John Hernholm, is also an MMA fighter with a 5-0 amateur and 1-0 pro record.


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