This Hard-Ass Beat Up An Elderly Man Because He Told Him To Watch His Language

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Mikie Sawyer, 26, went into a Port Orange, Florida Applebee’s to unwind with his bros at the bar. As usual during a night out with the fellas, the subject matter was a little vulgar. 80-year-old Harry Sander didn’t appreciate hearing this colorful language while trying to enjoy some moderately priced American cuisine, so he went up to Sawyer to voice his disapproval. According to The Smoking Gun, here’s how their encounter played out…

Sander said that he approached Sawyer “and asked him politely if he could please stop using the ‘fuck’ word and stop talking so loud about ‘titties and ass,’” according to a police report. After Sawyer replied that he did not have to stop cursing, Sander noted that in his home country of Germany, “you don’t speak in such a manner.” A witness told a Port Orange Police Department officer that Sawyer replied, “I don’t care where you are from whether it be Russia or Dutch take your ass to the other side of the bar.”


After giving Sander that geography lesson, Sawyer punched him and shoved him to the floor. Sawyer left the restaurant in his car, but police were able to quickly apprehend him. Sawyer was arrested for battery on a person over 65 years of age and disorderly conduct.

I will say this for Sawyer, having somebody tell me that what I’m doing wouldn’t fly back in Germany would really piss me off. I’d be very tempted to tell him that you’re in America now, old-timer, and these colors don’t run! But that’s where the similarities between me and Sawyer end. Here’s some free advice, Mikie, if you wanna talk with your boys about banging broads, go to a real bar. Not a family joint that features all-you-can-riblets. And the next time you’re in the mood for a fight, instead of punching a senior citizen, try beating that goofy ass chinstrap off your face.

via The Smoking Gun & Uproxx

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  1. Don’t send him back to Germany, make the coward be useful for once: send him to an ISIS training camp, if they can pack his fat arse into a giant missile shell, that is.

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