This Handsome Devil Seems To Really, Really Love Drugs And Wearing Women’s Underwear

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Gregory Herndon seems to have a relentless passion for drugs and wearing women’s undies. The 33-year-old was stopped by police in Florida for allegedly riding his bicycle in front of an ATM, which prevented bank users from accessing it. He was apparently doing this while wearing a jacket and a women’s bra. But it was when police asked him to empty his pockets that he got in trouble.

Herndon agreed to show police what he had in his pockets, and then pulled out a pair of women’s underwear (I guess he was planning on wearing these to go with the bra), along with a whole slew of recreational drug paraphernalia, and some brass wool. Paraphernalia included a crack pipe, two drug needles, and a pill bottle. He had previously been arrested for allegedly cooking meth in his home, as well as trying to evade police after a cocaine deal.

Is there any drug this guy won’t mess around with? To be fair, it’s not clear if he was a user or a seller, but based on the way he was acting, I’m going with user. And a passionate one at that. I’m not sure if I’m going out on a limb here or not, but I’m just going to assume he got the underwear from the hundreds of dead women I’m anticipating they’re inevitably going to find in his home.

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