This Guy Wrote, “How To Survive Running With The Bulls”. He Got Gored.

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Cue the Alanis Morissette because this is some ironic shit.  Bill Hillmann must be an expert bull runner since he wrote a book called, “How To Survive Running With The Bulls”.  Too bad he got gored in the thigh while running through the cobblestoned streets of  Spain.  Maybe now he should write a new book called, “Yeah I Survived Running With The Bulls, But Now I Have A Hole In My Fucking Leg.”

It seems like writing a book about this topic would be pretty easy.  I just wrote my own version and I’ve never run with any bulls.  Here it is.

How To Survive Running With The Bulls- by Seabass

Step 1- Shotgun three beers so you have enough courage to do this dumb shit, but just a slight enough buzz to maintain your level of below-average athleticism.

Step 2- Run

Step 3- While running, hope and pray that one of these bulls doesn’t skewer your asshole with his horn like he’s prepping to cook a cornhole shish-kabob.

The End

Personally, I’m rooting for the bulls….

Dem bulls would never catch Forrest…

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