This Guy Learned The Hard Way That He Had No Business In The Slide Game

Entertainment — December 12, 2014 at 1:11 pm by

This video is titled, ‘There is a Reason The Slide is Closed.’ First thought, the slide will just collapse as soon as this boozed up daredevil takes the plunge. Nope, it was probably just designed for kids under 80 lbs. Either that, or a pissed off engineer just went out with a bang…

PS: The guy is screaming, “Kurwa,” which translates to ‘whore.’ Makes perfect sense.

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  1. It happens to kids under 80 lbs too. It happened to my best friend when we were kids at a carnival with one, the same way, almost broke his back on the middle part, couldn’t move and had to be rushed to the hospital.

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