This Guy Is The Best ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant To Ever Grace The Show

Entertainment — December 28, 2014 at 3:55 am by

You know how when you see all those YouTube videos about some dumb shits who couldn’t have possibly made a stupider guess during their one and only chance to be on ‘Wheel Of Fortune?’ Well this guy’s the exact opposite of those people. This genius only needed to know the category was ‘Character,’ and that there was an “e” thrown in there, and that was enough for him to guess ‘The Lone Ranger.’ Finally all those days getting his ass beaten in school for watching ‘The Lone Ranger,’ or reading about him, or doing whatever the fuck it is that one would do to entertain himself with the Lone Ranger, are paying off. I don’t even know what the Lone Ranger is, and this ass clown’s been jerking off to him for his entire life. But shit, this guy won a game show and I didn’t, so the jokes on me.

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