This Guy Is Called Hotcock, and He Just Had Sex With a Land Rover

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So Daniel Cooper, aka Hotcock, is out drinking with his boys in Holywell, North Wales.  (Yes it’s in England.)  Hotcock proceeds to blackout, piss in the street, and walk around with his pants by his ankles and his shirt over his head.  But Hotcock is looking for some ass, so he enters a kabob shop and simulates sex with the corner of the counter.  But the counter is not hot enough for Hotcock.  He wants more, so he staggers back outside and bangs a Land Rover Discovery that is parked outside.  The question is, gas tank, exhaust pipe, or both?  Is the tail pipe considered auto anal?  Who knows?  Weird behavior for sure, but what a great blackout story.  This guy’s like Frank the Tank on steroids.  Go ahead Frank, streak the quad if you want, but ol’ Hotcock’s gonna double down on that played out prank.  Hotcock’s looking for luxury vehicles to hump.  He may cut a testicle on the jagged edge of a scraped tailpipe, but he doesn’t have to wear condoms or worry about pregnancy.  Nor can his wife really complain, I mean this isn’t really cheating is it?  Nope. Hotcock’s no adulterer, he’s just taking blackouts to a whole new level.

Drunken: Daniel Cooper, 24, from Holywell in North Wales admitted indecent exposure after he was caught having sex with a Land Rover Discovery

Daniel “Hotcock” Cooper

Frank The Tank


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