This Guy Has Spent Over 20 Years Trying To Get ‘Wayne’s World 3’ Script To Hollywood

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Trevor Schindeler has a dream, and for 23 years ‘Fortress Hollywood’ has been making it difficult to fulfill. That dream is to finally get the ball rolling on his screenplay, Waynes Leisure World. Like any passionate screenwriter, Trevor created a GoFundMe to tell his story:

Here’s why.  For twenty-three years, I have tried to get someone, anyone, inside Fortress Hollywood to read my screenplay To date, no one has.  Everyone has refused to read it including producers, directors, actors, and even entertainment agents.  Why?  There is a strict policy in Hollywood against reading “unsolicited” work.  Of course, no one has been so kind as to “solicit” my screenplay.  Hollywood has circled the wagons to keep people like you and me out.  Playing by Hollywood’s rules is not working.  That is why I am mounting this social media campaign to storm the barricades of Fortress Hollywood. 

I want hundreds of people to read the screenplay because one of you will know someone who knows someone inside Fortress Hollywood…I plan to use the funds raised to further promote this campaign by purchasing outdoor advertising in Los Angeles, California.  I have set a fund raising goal of $2,500 for this purpose. 

The movie sets place in 2047, and from what I gather, Wayne and Garth are pretty much the same. Breeze through the screenplay here.

With over $525 raised for the cause, people seem to be supportive.


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