This Guy Enjoyed Smashing Up A High School In His Spiderman Undies (Allegedly)

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A Cincinnati man wearing nothing but his Spider-Man-themed underwear broke into and vandalized a suburban high school before he was caught, police said. Thomas Williams, 23, is 6-foot-5 and 295 pounds. “He was dressed when he broke in,” said Jim Knapp, a Hamilton County sherriff’s spokesman, “but for some reason when he entered the school, he took all his clothes off except for his underwear.” Williams allegedly crawled through a window of Archbishop Moeller High School on Sunday after he used rocks to shatter it, Hamilton County sheriff’s deputies said. He then sprayed fire extinguishers around the building. Knapp said police found him sitting on a bench outside the school. [NBC News]

Looks like there isn’t much to do in Cincinnati.  Big dude plays Spidey and smashes up the local school.  I’m guessing these things were Underoo-style tightey whities.  Boxers wouldn’t drive a man into this kind of anguish.  Another source stated that Williams was looking for the school’s football coach.  It’s probably a good thing that he didn’t find him.  I wonder if the Moeller High team mascot is the Spiders?

Go Moeller High Spiders!

Go Moeller High Spiders!



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