This Guy Allegedly Stole Diamond Valued At $160,000 And Traded It For $20 Worth Of Weed

News — September 28, 2014 at 3:47 am by


So this total dumb bag of shit was allegedly unloading a UPS cargo airplane, and stumbled upon a diamond, that turned out to be rather valuable. It is estimated to be worth around 160k. Pretty solid find for our 20-year-old friend Walter Earl Morrison out of Phoenix, AZ.

What Morrison decided to do would probably be low on anyone’s list of things you could do with a $160,000 diamond. Unaware of the value of his latest find, he decided it would be a pretty slick move to trade that diamond for a bag of weed. This bag contained about enough weed to roll two joints, which is estimated at around $20. In this transaction, Morrison lost an estimated value of $159,980. To top it all off he got slapped with a felony theft charge. Pretty sweet day.

via ABC

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