This Fight On The Choptank River During a Sailboat Race Is Bizarre

News — July 26, 2016 at 10:49 am by

Nothing like a midday, boat fight to accompany a sailboat race. This past Saturday, Daryl Newhouse was riding the safety boat for the Cambridge Yacht Club Annual Fun Regatta, and to her surprise, she got front row seats to some hillbilly fisticuffs. ¬†When I think of the Cambridge Yacht Club, the last thing I picture is a full blown fist fight in the middle of the river. I would love to know what this fight was over, you don’t get on a boat this size with enemies. How this doesn’t end with someone being thrown overboard, we will never know.

This is how Daryl describes the incident

Facebook:So I was riding on the Cambridge Fun Regatta safety boat when we tried to hail a boat that was getting dangerously close to our sailboat racers and was interfering with the course. They ignored our hailing and we started to follow them because they were operating so unsafely and appeared very drunk. Madness ensued and of course no DNR or Coast Guards were anywhere in the area. I seriously worried one of them was going overboard. They did over $3000 damage to their rental boat from the Hyatt resort rental concession.

UPDATE: From DNR charges are pending against the guy who was operating and threw the first blow (a beer can thrown at the larger man.)

Icing on the cake, these pirates turn their attention to the spectators.

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