This Elevator Incident Has Taught Us That The NFL and The Ravens Are Stupid and Full Of Shit.

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So Ray Rice and his evil deed are out there for all to see.  The elevator footage has been out for the better part of a day as I write this and the reaction to the video has been swift.  The Ravens had cut Rice by 2:30 today and minutes after that the NFL suspended the star running back indefinitely, upping the punishment from his original two game penalty.

The harsh reaction is understandable, the video is raw and disturbing.  Rice seems to strike his fiancé twice, the second blow being the knockout punch that sends her crashing into the elevator rail and onto the floor, unconscious.  There was no punch from Palmer in Rice’s direction.  There was never a time in which Ray Rice was under duress.  Rice got into an argument with his fiance and he fucked her up.  It’s that plain and simple.

Ray Rice deserves all the bad shit that has come his way.

But in regards to the NFL and the Ravens, what makes seeing the knockout so different than just knowing that it happened?  Rice knocked Janay Palmer out.   The aftermath was already on tape and he admitted as such. I’ve heard multiple times from multiple news sources that Rice told the NFL and the Ravens exactly what happened.  He didn’t sugarcoat it and neither did Palmer, who is now his wife.  Why the sudden and larger penalty?  What the fuck did the NFL and the Ravens expect to see?  A gentle knockdown?  A glancing blow?  A three stooges style video in which Rice playfully slaps the back of Palmer’s head and watches in feigned horror as she accidently hits the elevator railing, only for her to quicky pop-up laughing?  Did the Ravens think this knockout would look different from other knockouts?

ray ko

And the NFL had to know that the elevator video would eventually surface.  Did they really think that TMZ, or the internet, would rest until this video was pumped across the world wide web?  Are they that fucking stupid?  Are the Ravens?

Why, suddenly, the reactionary and indefinite suspension?  Was seeing the knockout really that much worse than knowing it had happened?  I mean, the NFL and the Ravens knew that Rice HAD KNOCKED PALMER OUT.

The NFL, or the Ravens, should have suspended Ray Rice for the season when the news broke months ago. I wrote that when the original story broke.

Instead, the NFL and the Ravens went easy on Rice, citing the fact that he and Palmer had wed, and citing the fact that Rice had been an exemplary player off the filed and a stalwart in the Baltimore community.  The Ravens then put into motion a series of moves that made them look moronic. The Ravens held a press conference in which Janay Palmer apologized for her role in the incident and then tweeted out her statement, as if to somehow defend Rice’s actions by insinuating that what had happened in the elevator had been a street brawl between the couple.  The press conference as a whole was awkward and scripted. Then the Raven’s P.R. Director, Kevin Byrne, wrote a blog on the Ravens’ website called, “I Like Ray Rice”.  Byrne went on to say how much he respected Rice and how he thought that Ray was, “a good guy.”   But I guess Kevin and the Ravens’ no longer like Ray after seeing the knockout video, beings as they cut his ass today.  I guess just knowing that their 225 pound running back had knocked out his fiancé wasn’t enough to get him cut.  Seeing it sure was, though.

ray byrne

It’s now painfully obvious that the NFL dropped the ball in their initial punishment of Ray Rice. If the NFL would have done the right thing from the beginning and suspended Ray Rice for a year, this video wouldn’t have mattered as much, because the punishment would have fit the crime.  And Ray could have been forced into further counseling by the Ravens and the NFL (meaning more than his court ordered counseling).  They could have actually helped Rice rehabilitate and more importantly, they could have helped Palmer deal with the obvious pyschological and physical abuse that she has endured.  The Rice’s are married with a young daughter.  Pushing Janay Palmer away from the NFL’s immense resources may not be good thing. (If her help had been under the watchful eye of several women’s groups and advocates and paid for by the NFL.  The NFL obviously couldn’t handle it on their own.) The Ravens have talked about family and they have talked about sticking together since this story broke. But obviously that’s all horseshit and double-talk.  When knowing became seeing, the Ravens bowed to public pressure.  When a video surfaces, the idea of family simply turns into a P.R. nightmare, and a headache too large to deal with.  So much for supporting Rice’s family and victims (His daughter is a victim too.) in their time of need.

ray fam

The Ravens are full of shit, and everything that the Ravens have said, has been, in what they believed at the time, to be in their best interest. Nothing more. They manipulated a press conference and an apology out of Palmer, they wrote P.R. blogs defending their player that they were keeping; they preached family, love, tolerance, and healing when Rice was handed two games, and they cut that family member and player when the P.R. heat got too hot.  It’s all horseshit.  The Ravens have known all along what happened in that elevator.  They didn’t have the balls to suspend him on their own for a lengthy amount of time when the original story broke, and they don’t have the balls to stand by that decision now.  They, and the NFL, have fucked this up from the word, “elevator”.

ray press

Lastly, in order to be consistent, the Ravens should also cut Terrell Suggs.  After all, his wife has had a protective order filed against him in the past.  She’s accused Suggs of punching her multiple times and she accused him of once holding a bottle of bleach over her and their son, who was one-year-old at the time.  A judge thought there was enough evidence to issue the restraining order, so something was obviously amiss.  But that’s been forgotten about and successfully swept under the rug by the NFL and the Ravens P.R. machines.  And on the surface, it seems that things have gotten much better for Mrs. Suggs and her children.

Obviously, there were no cameras rolling when all that domestic violence allegedly happened in the Suggs household, so Terrell gets to remain a part of the Ravens “family”.

And there were plenty of other guys playing games in the NFL this Sunday who have done similar things to women.

Think about it.





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