This Beautiful Couple Had Passionate Public Sex On Sidewalk In Downtown OKC

News — July 11, 2014 at 6:25 pm by


Who wouldn’t want to see this couple bang it out on the sidewalks in Oklahoma City? Dream come true for me. This couple is about as hot as Brad and Angelina themselves, and you better believe their sex was magical. Their city was blessed to see this couple fornicating in public. This 52-year old duo was caught making sweet, sweet love in front of a church in downtown OKC on Wednesday night. They were in plain view for any drivers or pedestrians to witness. Both man and woman were under the influence of alcohol.

These damn police officers. Interrupting real life porn. Perverts pay top dollar for their Milf fetishes, and the cops shut down a free show for all.
The most amazing form of sex always includes a street full of people cheering you on. And a man with a sweet little crustache for his lady to take a ride on.

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