This Bar Fight May Be The Best Bar Fight I’ve Ever Seen

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The Bar Fight.  It is a rite of passage for many a young American male.  Usually started for no reason, the bar fight often involves many participants and often spills out into the street in front of the bar in which it began.  Usually nobody is seriously injured in these hoo-ras, which is a good thing, and usually the bar fight morphs into a massive lie as the participants relive it in “my balls are bigger than your balls”  story sessions.  But the guys and gals in this particular fracas have done the artistic medium known as the “bar fight” justice.  This is some movie worthy stuff right here. This battle took place in Chicago at the Crocodile Lounge.  Ain’t no loungin’  here babes. A mop handle from a homeless person’s cart, a store-front  window, a passing car,  the cops, and the obligatory girlfriend screaming, are all a part of this instant classic.  Oh, and it looks like nobody was seriously hurt, which is always a good thing.  Can’t we all just get along?  So stupid, but somehow so entertaining.

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  1. This is pretty sweet. Looks like the crackers won….

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