Thieves In Anne Arundel County Unsuccessfully Tried To Steal Cookies From Girl Scouts

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This past Saturday afternoon, two Girl Scouts (aged 12 and 13) were selling their delicious cookies on a street corner in Severn, Maryland. It was business as usual until they momentarily stepped away from their wagon full of treats. That’s when Gabriel Taylor Smith, 18, snatched their wagon and took off towards a getaway car. Smith learned the hard way that stealing cookies from Girl Scouts is nothing like taking candy from a baby. From The Smoking Gun:

“One of the girls then gave chase and ‘grabbed the wagon that contained the cookies.’ Smith, cops reported, then ‘let go of the wagon and then jumped into the suspect vehicle being driven’ by his 17-year-old cohort, whose name was not released by police. ‘The girls yelled out that the suspect was taking their cookies,’ and neighbors responded by getting in their vehicle and following the getaway car (while simultaneously calling 911).”

The Girl Scouts were able to pick Smith and his getaway driver out of a lineup, and they were both charged with misdemeanor theft.

girl scout cookies

I love Girl Scout cookies. The first time that I bit into a Tagalong was practically a religious experience, but even I know that this was a bush league move. Stealing cookies from Girl Scouts is about as low as it gets. The only thing worse than stealing Girl Scout cookies, is getting caught stealing Girl Scout Cookies. Have some respect for your craft, you slapdicks.

I do have to tip my cap to those Girl Scouts, though. Running down that creep took a ton of lady cojones. I sure as hell wouldn’t have been able to thwart a robbery of my Joe Corbi’s pizza stash at that age.

via The Smoking Gun
cover pic: The Smoking Gun
cookies pic: The Examiner 

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