They Will Be Opening The Washington Monument Time Capsule On Wednesday.

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(Nerd alert post)

On Monday, workers working around Baltimore’s Washington Monument found the building’s original cornerstone while digging a pit for a sewage tank.  That’s right, they were digging for shit and found a little gem of history.  For history dorks like myself, this is neat and fascinating news, as the cornerstone will hopefully give us some coinage, document, and artifacts from 200 years ago.  For normal folks, this isn’t a big deal since the cornerstone will contain some coinage, documents, and artifacts from 200 years ago.

Regardless of where you stand on the cornerstone’s contents, the monument powers that be are going to open the cornerstone to examine its contents on February 18th.  Personally, I think they should wait until July 4th to open it.  That would mean that the cornerstone and time capsule would have been sealed for exactly 200 years and the capsule opening could kick off the monument’s re-opening to the public and 200th birthday celebration.  Maybe there’s a good reason that they aren’t waiting to open the capsule, but if there isn’t one, whoever’s in charge of this thing has a shitty sense of timing, babes.

The cornerstone of the Washington Monument was laid on July 4th, 1815, which was just a little over 15 years after the first President’s death.  Baltimore’s Washington Monument was the first monument to be built in honor of Washington and it took fourteen years to complete.  The old Baltimore landmark is currently undergoing a $5.5 million touch-up, but it should be ready for visitors again in time for the bicentennial celebration.

You gotta at least admit that it’s a bad ass monument.

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