There’s A Ratchet Strip Club Opening Up In Oregon Featuring Only Pregnant Dancers

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Big news, guys, there is a strip club opening up in Oregon that will feature only pregnant dancers. As in, you cannot work there, unless you are noticeably pregnant. The club, called “Baby Bumpers,” requires all of their dancers to be at least six months pregnant.

Nothing sounds sexier to me than a woman with no known baby daddy who’s water is about to break in my face, taking her clothes off and giving out blow jobs for beer money. But really, how gross do you have to be to own this place, or dance at this place, or, maybe worst of all, spend your money at this place. It actually makes me somewhat happy to know that people this disgusting in the world exist. It only makes me feel a little better about my own life. Literally how disgusting is the entire premise of this whole establishment. I just can’t even imagine the type of person that is serious about going in to this place and trying to wrangle himself a lap dance from his favorite prego. If she’s got twins you better be ready to tip double. Just wait for the first time one of these ladies starts crowning on stage. That’s a sight you’ll never forget. Worth every penny.

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