There Is A Shark Biting People Off The Coast Of Delaware

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Nothing like a shark ruining your day at the beach, babes.  16-year-old Andrew Vance was in the water at Henlopen State Park, Delaware, which is just north of Rehoboth Beach, when a sandbar shark decided to take a chomp at his left arm.  He beat the beast off of him with his right hand, but ol’ sharky shredded Vance’s forearm to the tune of 23 stitches. Gotta give Vance credit, nature attacked him and the kid from Delmar fought back,

“My first instinct was just punch it.  So, I punched it in his head and he didn’t let go, so I stuck my thumb in to try and pull his mouth apart and he let go.  That’s how I shredded up my right thumb.”

That’s beast.  I probably would have fainted and drowned had a shark attacked me yesterday.  Looks like it’s a summer of wading in water up to  my ankles again.

This is only the fourth shark attack in Delaware waters since 1940, so it’s probably safe enough for you to dunk your head into the Atlantic to help fight off that hangover after an all night bender at the Starboard.

But if this becomes a pattern, we may have to respond.  Anybody out there have a big boat we can borrow?

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