There Is A Petition To Get Baltimore’s ‘Running Man’ An Under Armour Contract

News — November 21, 2014 at 1:25 pm by


In lieu of the recent attack on Baltimore’s ‘Running Man,’ someone has set up a petition to get Keith Boissiere an Under Armour contract. I will tell you what, this is an awesome idea. 20 miles a day for 30 years, show me someone more qualified to sport some fresh UA running gear. This is a “thinking outside of the box” kind of situation, but it is an awesome one at that. I can see the commercial now, Boissiere trading kisses with Gisele Bundchen after a jog around the harbor.


The petition is approaching nearly 2,000 signatures in two days

Please help Keith THE RUNNING MAN Boissiere, get an Under Armour contract. Who would be a better spokes person for running gear than him? Also the running man is a Baltimore Icon who needs a Kidney transplant. The reason the Running Man is such an icon in this city is because he represents a sense of freedom and peace, among other things including keeping in tip top shape as we all should strive to do as human beings.

Mr. Boissiere as served as an beacon of inspiration among many of Baltimore’s residents and he has done this quietly never seeking accolades. I strongly feel that it is time he be recognized and given his just do. My only fear is that The Running Man’s modesty will keep him from accepting. So please sign this petition because if he does not get a kidney it will end his running days and probably his life. Therefore the citizens of Baltimore need to come together and show how much we care for an Icon that represents the best of our city.


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