There Are No Badgers Left In Maryland Because Dez Killed Them All

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Dez Wells walked onto the national stage tonight, went absolutely bonkers on Wisconsin, and then dropped the mic.  He showed no mercy.  He was the best player on the court.  He slashed, he dashed, he dunked, and he cashed.  This baseline dunk was particularly sick…..

This sums it up. Dez = Badger Killer #Terps

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It was like that.  The Badgers had no answer for Wells.  They simply couldn’t guard him.  His 26 points is a testament to that.  But it wasn’t just scoring that made this night so special for the senior Terp.  Dez was all over the damn court all night long.  He led the team in scoring, in rebounds (7), and in assists (4).  He also threw in a key block at a key moment for good measure and he made all of his foul shots.  Wells dominated this basketball game tonight in College Park and as the leader of this program for the last three seasons, Wells deserves this huge moment.

And if Dez was Maryland’s Batman tonight, then Mel Trimble was certainly their Robin.  Trimble was smooth as silk tonight on his way to 16 points on 50% shooting.  Trimble, like Wells, spent most of his night taking the ball to the rack.  Trimble challenged his man off the dribble and showed absolutely no fear in attacking Frank Kaminsky at the rim.  It was obvious from the start that Maryland felt they were more athletic on the perimeter than the Badgers.  The Terps put an emphasis on spacing and driving to the basket.  Wells and Trimble made a living off of the bounce and even though the game was called loose by the officials, and even though Maryland didn’t get the high amount of contact fouls that  they were probably looking for, the Terps were effective going to the hoop because they finished.  They didn’t need the foul line to win this game because the layups in the paint were finding the bottom of the net.  This was great one-on-one offense from Maryland.  The box score says it all.  The Terps only took seven three-point shots.  Their plan was to take it right at Wisconsin, and that plan worked beautifully.

The Terps also turned it up a notch on the defensive end.   Maryland held the Badgers to 20 paltry point in the first half.  Sure, Wisconsin helped the cause by missing some open looks, but overall Maryland’s defensive energy was high all night.  Defense is the key for this team in the post season.

I’m enjoying the hell out of this win.  It’s the kind of big victory that can energize a team for the stretch run.  Three more in the regular to go and the Big Ten title is still a possibility. It  doesn’t get much better than that on February 24th, babes.

Other Game Notes

Michal Cekovsky played his ass of tonight.  He banged around the post with big Frank Kaminsky, he pulled down six boards, he dunked off a Dez Wells dish, and he showed some ball skills on a dribble drive and dish of his own.  (Though he didn’t get an assist.  Scorer robbed him.)  Good to see such quality minutes.  He was like a secret weapon off the bench, since he really hadn’t seen shit for time recently.

Evan Smotrycz didn’t score, but he also played quality minutes.  Tough defense and his glass help was huge.  (5 boards.)  He also registered two steals in a workman-like performance. Bring your lunch box, bro.  That’s right, Wisconsin, Will Ferrell does work…..


Jake Layman had a tough shooting night, going 3 for 11 from the field.  But he scored four of those points midway through the second on back to back possessions right when Wisconsin had brought themselves to within two.  It was a crucial time and Jake had several good post ups moves that just bounced out.  Still a solid effort.

Frank Kaminsky had 18 and threatened to take the game over in the second half.  But he didn’t.

The crowd tonight was on point.  Loud, rude, and flash mobbing.

The yellow unis are the greatest basketball unis of all time.

Next, Michigan comes to town this Saturday at noon.  No let up!

Go Terps!


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